We are happy when we can share our success with others. And, therefore, we do it! We gladly engage in social actions or support various sports or cultural initiatives.

OT Logistics Capital Group assumes in its business model corporate responsibility for the environment and those groups of stakeholders, on which our activities have or may have a major impact. This is what we call Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


  • We believe that running our business in an ethical as well as socially, staff and environmentally friendly manner is the best way to permanent and long-term development.
  • In building the image of OT Logistics Capital Group that asset is as important for us as emphasising the leading role of the Group in the TSL sector in Central and Eastern Europe, the possibility of providing innovative services, generating good economic results and systematic trade expansion.

The sponsorship activities of OT Logistics are carried out in accordance with the assumed Sponsorship Policy.


Sponsorship or donation applications

Donnation application

Sponsorship application

COMMENTS! Considered will be only the applications submitted to OT Logistic S.A. on the form downloaded from the www.otlogistics.pl website.

Please send the filled in applications to:

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OT Logistics S.A., Corporate Communication Department
Aleje Jerozolimskie 98, 00-807 Warszawa

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