Inland shipping

OT Logistics Group is a leader in inland waterway transport in Central Europe and one of the larger players in the inland waterway transport market in the European Union.

One of the out most important assets is our own fleet of about 800 units with a total carrying capacity over 300 thousand tons, making it one of the largest in Europe.


We make every effort to keep the best condition our rolling stock and constantly increase in it for a new units. We systematically upgrade our facilities floating and adjust them to the requirements of the European Union. We introduce a new solutions, such as automatic identification (AIS) and deskill communication with units by electric system orders and planning traffic (location GPS).


Out inland shipping carry mainly goods mass: cereals, scrap, clinker, coal, ore, aggregates, stone hydro technical and fertilizers. Very important part of our business is also transport containers. We realize long-term contracts for transport carbon, we also provide a transport oversize freight services.  The strongest position on the market in this segment we achieved on the lines between the Port in Hamburg and inland ports in Central and Southern Germany ( over 100 thousand TEU per year).

The most important numbers

One-year capability reloading loads of mass dry
350 000 tone

Standard containers transport (TEU) per year
from 108 000 to 162 000

One-year capability transport loads of bulk liquid
120 000 tone

OT Logistics Group based shipping about their multi-shippers: navigation Bydgoszcz in Poland and Deutsche Binnenreederei AG company in Europe.


Shipping Bydgoszcz company with 100-years tradition and one of the largest Polish inland waterway transport market. We swim mainly Odra River, the lower section Vistula and flood of Vistula.


Żegluga Bydgoska Sp. z o.o.
Przemysłowa 8, Bydgoszcz


The main activities shipping Bydgoszcz are: inland transport and hydro technical services, mining and sale of aggregates and passenger transport.

Scope of services

  • Trucking mass, pieces of heavy, transport.
  • Mining and sale of aggregates construction ( also sorted) and extract sands molding from mainstream Vistula River.
  • Services hydro technical.
  • Rent waterway units and equipment.
  • Seasonal services: waterway trams transport and cruises ship by Brda and Bydgoszcz passage.

Deutsche Binnenreederei AG

The company is one of the oldest brands on the German market and leader of the inland waterway transport in Central and West Europe. Company dispose a fleet of more than 300 units, motor and pushed barges.


Deutsche Binnenreederei AG
Revaler Str. 100, 10245 Berlin, Niemcy


Deutsche Binnenreederei AG plays a leading role in the containers transport by inland barges to and from the Port of Hamburg. The company supports a regular network connections container and supply for such inland ports as Hanover, Minden, Aken, Brunszwik, Magdeburg and Riesa. DBR offers and provides transport solutions, storage services and handling. In the range of services enter also trucking oversize freight and special to seaports and river located in Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and along the Danube, up to Constanta  by the Black Sea. It is also the oldest brand on the German market.

Scope of services

  • Bulk cargo and containers transport.
  • Oversize freight and special transport.
  • Hydro technical engeenering projects.
  • Provide barges as a portable magazines.
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