We are one of the largest and most highly rated employers Polish logistics industry

Our team consists of exceptional people who want to develop their skills and are not afraid of new challenges. See what's possible you work in OT Logistics!

Almost 2,000 full-time employees.

Dynamic employment growth.

Interesting work in different cities of Polish and Europe

Our employees offer stable employment on attractive terms, a friendly atmosphere and the possibility of promotion and continuous improvement of qualifications.

The course of the recruitment process


Thoroughly analyze all the applications sent to us by the candidates and on this basis we invite selected individuals for individual meetings qualifiers.


During the interviews conducted by the HR department, candidates learn about the working conditions in our company and the career development prospects.


Based on the information gathered during the previous stages we select the best candidates and inform them about the results of the recruitment process.

We believe that it is worthwhile to invest in people who have talent and passion, and we want to change the world for the better. That's why we created our own internship program, through which students and university graduates may be familiar with the specifics of working in one of the largest logistics organizations in Europe.

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You want to be professional success? Make sure to direct your career on track.

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