Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our target for 2021 is to become a leader in the use of transport and logistics in Central and Eastern Europe

What is the real mission of the company? For us it is something that makes us going in the right direction. This is possible thanks to three strategic principles, which successfully we put into practice.


  • Provision of logistics at the highest level to our customers so as they were really satisfied with them.
  • To become the best Polish employers in the logistics industry, providing excellent conditions for career development.
  • Taking care of the interests of our shareholders so that invested by them  measures guarantee to them the continued high profit.

Service excellence
and satisfaction of customers, employees and shareholders

Our priorities: Group Logistics OT will win position of the largest logistics operator in Europe and will generate annual revenues in excess of 1 billion Euro. We want to achieve it by implementing 6 main points of our development plan, whose realization is planned for 2016-2021.


  • We will achieve a leading position in the use of agro products in the Baltic Sea and the Adriatic Sea, and will increase our shares to 50% in the market of agro cargo handling  in Polish seaports.
  • We double the cargo handling in the Croatian port of Rijeka.
  • We will gradually develop all port terminals which are under management.
  • We increase the potential of our inland and rail transport by changing the profile of the services provided.
  • We will go to the top 10 largest shippers in Poland and we will get 5%of  shares in the containerized sea freight market.
  • We will obtain the status of a leading operator of rail and logistics in Central Europe thanks to the organic growth and building strategic alliances.

The largest logistics
operator in Europe

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