4 January 2019

Dragons Have Reinforced STK’S Fleet, Next Locomotives on Their Way

STK, a railway company being part of the OT Logistics Capital Group, has introduced into its fleet three new Dragon locomotives manufactured by the company Newag from Nowy Sącz. These Europe’s first six-axle electric locomotives, fully compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI 2014) and equipped with ETCS Level 2, will serve mainly to haul heavy freight trains with cargo going to and from ports in Świnoujście and Gdynia.

Dragon locomotives are used by STK on a lease with maintenance basis. STK plans to reinforce its fleet in the years 2019-2022 with a few additional Dragon locomotives, including the “Dual Power” ones with internal combustion engines. “An additional combustion engine will improve the use of our resources significantly. Currently, most transports of aggregates or grain require an additional diesel locomotive for the first and the last stage of transport along non-electrified railroad tracks. The Dual Power drive allows Dragons to operate without diesel locomotives, which will reduce transport costs and make the use of our rolling stock more efficient,” says Grzegorz Hałasiewicz, the President of the Management Board of STK S.A. Dragon locomotives will handle heavy freight trains (with gross weight over 3,500 tons) running between Silesia and the Group’s ports in Świnoujście and Gdynia, as well as cross-boundary trains. “The lease agreement includes also a full 24/7 technical support, and service centres are located all over Poland which allows to quickly make an inspection and remove potential defects. However, Dragons are very modern and reliable,” Grzegorz Hałasiewicz adds. The locomotive manufacturer declares that Dragons’ technical reliability index reaches 98%.

The Dragon locomotive has 5 MW power and a maximum hauling capacity of 450 kN. It is driven by 6 three-phase asynchronous traction motors, each of 842 kW power. Dragon is a type of a heavy freight locomotive able to efficiently haul a 40-car coal train of 3,000 t gross weight with the maximum speed of 120 km/h. Dragon’s power can be certified by the fact that such trains usually must be hauled by 2 other type locomotives.

Obtaining a modern and reliable rolling stock will allow to improve the company’s operating indicators as well as reduce costs, which will result in more attractive offers STK will be able to make its customers.

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