30 May 2018

OT Logistics has launched a bond issue program of value up to PLN 200 mil.

OT Logistics company, leading the Capital Group of the same name, decided on implementing a bond issue program of value up to PLN 200 mil. It intends to issue the first bonds of maturity date from 1 year to 7 years. The first issue of 4.5-year bonds is scheduled for June.

The funds obtained from the issue will be assigned, among others, to re-financing the existing debt, including bonds and bank credits.

– We are currently negotiating the subscribing of our bonds by a consortium of banks. We are also conducting talks with a large international financial institution. I believe that we will soon be able to provide more details. We are assuming that the first issue under our program of value up to PLN 200 mil. will be performed in June. In this series we wish to offer bonds nominated in zloty, with a maturity of 4.5 years – says Zbigniew Nowik, OT Logistics President of the Board.

To this day, OT Logistics Company has issued shares of value about PLN 265 mil., of which bonds of value PLN 107 mil. were redeemed within or before the maturity. This year, OT Logistics paid to its bondholders a total of nearly PLN 4 mil. in interest. By the end of 2018, another PLN 3.9 mil. of interest will be paid to the investors’ accounts.

The OT Logistics bonds issue is managed by Pekao Bank and mBank.

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