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Presentation of the results of the OT Logistics Capital Group after the third quarter of 2018.



Radosław Krawczyk

President of the Board



Mr Radosław Krawczyk is a graduate of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, major in finance and banking, as well as MBA studies (Executive Master of Business Administration).

Shortcut career

  • Mr Radosław Krawczyk has more than ten years professional experience in managing the finance of companies, and specifically in: financial liquidity, controlling, financial risk, insurance and credit policy, debt collection, funding, financial and operational restructuring, cooperation with banks and investors.
  • Since 2003 he has been professionally related to PKP Cargo Group, where he became the Company Financial Director in 2009.
  • Starting from 2015 he was a Member of the Management Board of PKP Cargo Connect Sp. z o.o. and from 2016 a Member of the Management Board of PKP Cargo Connect GmbH seated in Hamburg.
  • Moreover, he has been a member of the supervisory boards of companies related to the railway market and insurance for many years.
  • He also acted for some years as an independent member of the Audit Committee at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction.

Daniel Ryczek

Member of the Board


Mr Daniel Ryczek is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at the Maria Curie Skłodowska University in Lublin. He also completed postgraduate studies in management at the Warsaw School of Economics and the Warsaw University of Technology. He was Board Member of PKP Cargo SA for international affairs and strategy, and then President of the Management Board of Cargosped – intermodal operator from the PKP Cargo Group. He opened and then managed for several years the Polish branch of Raillogix BV headquartered in Rotterdam. Since December 2017 in OT Logistics S.A. he has been Director of the Railway Division and President of the Management Board in Rentrans International Spedition sp. z o.o.

At OT Logistics S.A. Daniel Ryczek is responsible for trade-related matters.

Kamil Jedynak

Member of the Board


Mr. Kamil Jedynak in 1998 graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Faculty of Foreign Trade of the Cracow University of Economics. Has experience in international corporations in the areas of business development, management, financial analysis, sales and marketing, optimization and cost-operational restructuring. During his professional career he worked for such companies as: Euro Logistics Sp. z o.o., DHL Logistics Sp. z o.o. , British Petroleum Poland.

At OT Logistics S.A. is responsible for the implementation of the repair program of the OT Logistics Capital Group.

Supervisory Board

Artur Szczepaniak - Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Artur Szczepaniak professional career began in 1990 as a broker in Krakow Stock Exchange. In 1991 he was one of the founders of dm penetrator S.A., which to 1996 was a shareholder and he was such as function of the head of Department analysis and information (research for individual investors) and the head of Department of emissions Securities (service companies with IPO, the program NFI and privatizations). Since 1996. to 2000. led consulting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions pre-IPO and advisory investment. He collaborated with such investment funds as Bancroft, advent, pioneer. The most important customers were the company’s market media, telecommunications, computer science and the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2001 he associated with and fund Mistral S.A. where he served as the duties of the President of the board-managing director, as well as is the President of the supervisory board. Sir Arthur Szczepaniak sits in the supervisory board Ot logistics S.A. from 2003.

Marek Komorowski - Secretary of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Marek Komorowski has a university degree. In 1988 he graduated from the School of Economics (Master of Economics) and in 2001 graduated from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois (USA) (Executive MBA). He is a member of the Polish Institute of Directors. In addition, he participated in numerous professional training courses organized by renowned institutions in Paris, Warsaw, London and New York. In the course of their careers working in such diverse institutions as m2g Sp. o.o., I Fund Mistral SA, Rabobank Poland S.A, Traco Sp. with o.o., CreditLyonnais Bank Poland SA, IPB Bank SA Member of the Supervisory Board meets the independence criteria.

Andrzej Malinowski - Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Andrzej Malinowski is a graduate of the Academy of economic in Poznań ,doctor of economic Sciences. Since 2001, President of employers the Republic of Poland, the oldest and largest employer organizations in Poland, focusing more than 12.000 enterprises, employing about 5 million professionals. Mr. Andrzej Malinowski worked in the government. in 1996. President of the Council of ministers gave him a function of a proxy for the organization of the Ministry of economy, then he was in the Secretary of state. For the most important achievements professional in the government he include co-creation concept and organization of the Ministry of economy. As member of the Polish national Parliament, he was vice-President of the Commission’s economic relations with abroad, was a member of Polish delegation parliamentary to the parliamentary He assembly of the Council of Europe and deputy President committee. international economic relations the Council of Europe. He was also management functions in the companies commercial law. As a leader Polish employers presided BIAC Poland – the committee advisory committee. industry and trade with the OECD. member of the National Council of European integration. Representative Polish employers in the European economic and social committee. In 2005. has been selected the first vice-President of the European organization employers enterprises the public sector. He is also a representative of employers Poland in the international organizations employers (IOE). I  2013. he was elected President of the international Council coordination compounds employers the term in the years 2014-2015. He is vice-President of the social dialogue and directs the work of the team problem for. economic policy and labor market RDS.

Mr. Andrzej Malinowski was honored cross commander of the star of the order of rebirth of Polish and other decorations state, as well as the order of smile – granted by the children for operation brings children joy. Member of the supervisory board meets the criteria of independence.

Zbigniew Nowik - Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Zbigniew Nowik is a doctor of economic sciences (he received the title at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris), author of numerous economic publications and the book “New financial instruments and stock exchanges of the future” (1994). In 1990-1993 he worked in France in the departments of international insurance companies – Union Francaise de Reassurance, Azur Group, AXA International – where he dealt with reinsurance and expansion, among others to Central and Eastern Europe. After returning to Poland, he advised foreign investors entering the Polish market or directly managed their investments. He was, inter alia, the financial director of Castorama’s French distribution network and the managing director of its first supermarket, as well as the financial director of the Dutch company Campina, where he conducted a restructuring project and managed a dairy group in Poland. In addition, he was the Chairman of the IMPEXMETAL S.A. Supervisory Board. and the Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ROLIMPEX S.A. In the years 2003 – 2005 and 2006 – 2015 he was a member of the Supervisory Board of OT Logistics S.A. Subsequently, in the years 2015-2018, he was a member of the Management Board of OT Logistics SA as the President of the Management Board

Artur Olender - Supervisory Board Member

The Partner of ADDVENTURE, has 29 years of professional experience on the capital market. Until September 2008, a leading shareholder, President of the Management Board of Dom Maklerski PENETRATOR S.A. (currently TRIGON) and Agencja Informacyjna PENETRATOR Sp. z o.o. Chairman of Supervisory Boards of: INTERSPORT POLSKA S.A., ARCHICOM S.A., SOTIS Sp. z o.o., OTC S.A. Member of Supervisory Boards of: AILLERON S.A., NANOGROUP S.A. He was involved in all the most important projects in the field of strategic and financial advise, as well as sale of shares and capital raising implemented by Dom Maklerski PENETRATOR S.A. He was the adviser to the Minister of Privatization in the privatization of ISKRA S.A., to the Minister of Treasury in the privatization of the largest Polish publishing house – Wydawnictwa Szkolne i Pedagogiczne S.A. and to the largest Polish alcohol producer – POLMOS Białystok S.A. He participated in the implementation of several dozen projects to raise capital on the private and stock exchange market. He floated, among others: MOSTOSTAL WARSZAWA, ODLEWNIE POLSKIE, POLIGRAFIĘ, WSiP, POLMOS BIAŁYSTOK, INTERSPORT, K2, INTELIWISE, CYFROWY POLSAT, MERCATOR MEDICAL, AILLERON, ARCHICOM, NANOGROUP, ML SYSTEM. He advised WIRTUALNA POLSKA in raising capital on the private market from INTEL (the first INTEL investment in this part of the world) and PROKOM. He advised 4F (OTCF) in raising capital from Grupa ZASADA. He was involved in many environmental and legislative initiatives for the development of the Polish capital market, including: participated in the authorities of the Brokers’ Association, in the work on creation of the over-the-counter market in Poland, in the NFI program, was the co-author of the concept of the creation of the Polish Power Exchange, as well as the publisher and editor of the “Nasz Rynek Kapitałowy” monthly magazine. He studied at the AGH University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Electronics and Automation) and at the London Business School. He holds the securities broker license (no. 13) and licenses issued by London International Financial Futures Exchange, International Petroleum Exchange and London Clearing House. The Member of the Supervisory Board meets the independence criteria.

Waldemar Maj - Supervisory Board Member

Founding Partner of Metropolitan Capital Solutions. He is a member of the supervisory board of Ergis. He was chairman of the supervisory board of PZU and member of supervisory boards of among others Warsaw Stock Exchange, Ciech, BGZ Bank, and Stock Spirits in Luxembourg. He has over 20 years of experience in banking, industry, consulting, and government. He spent over 10 years in investment and corporate banking in Switzerland (UBS), USA (IFC/World Bank) and Poland. He was Vice-President/CFO of PKN ORLEN, Vice-President of Bank BGZ/Rabobank Group, and President/CEO of DZ Bank Polska. He also worked for McKinsey & Company and was an Advisor to the Minister of Finance. He holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and Ph.D. in Physics. Member of the Supervisory Board meets the independence criteria.

Wojciech Heydel - Supervisory Board Member

Experienced manager in the field of strategy implementation and corporate development in the oil, energy and retail industries. During his professional career he worked in such companies as: Kogeneracja S.A. (CEO – running heat plants in Lower Silesia), RUCH S.A. (CEO – transformation leader of the largest press retail distribution company in Poland), PKN Orlen S.A. (in the Management Board as a CEO and as a Member of the Management Board responsible for sales, marketing, logistics, human resources, corporate communication). For 14 years he worked in the international corporation BP and BP Polska, including for 4 years in the Corporate Center BP in London. He also has experience as a member of supervisory boards (including a member of audit committees). Mr. Wojciech Heydel has a university degree. He is a graduate of the Silesian University of Technology (1985), completed the Executive Program, General Management (University of Michigan, 1998) and the USA INSEAD program, Executive Leadership Program for Top Leaders (2001-2004).

Paweł Ruka - Supervisory Board Member

Mr. Paweł Ruka is the founder and Financial Director of a company providing outsourcing services for financial departments. In addition, he was associated with the Ferrum Group S.A. (production of infrastructural pipes and profiles, as well as large-size welded structures) as a Member of the Board and Chief Financial Officer (ZKS Ferrum S.A.) and adviser to the board of Ferrum S.A. for financial matters, as well as a Member of the Board, Financial Director at Ammono S.A. (world leader in the production of ammonothermal gallium nitride semiconductors). In 2004-2010 he worked at various levels at PricewaterhouseCoopers (audit services, tax and business consultancy). Mr. Paweł Ruka is a graduate of the Warsaw School of Economics in the field of Finance and Banking, a scholarship holder of the Cypriot government – participation in the Young Managers Program Project Management and Management at the International Management Institute in Cyprus and a scholarship holder and master student at the Universidad de Navarra Privada in Spain. He has the title of chartered accountant and is a participant in the ACCA program.



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