Scope of services

Decades of experience and the capacities of individual companies of the OT Logistics Group allow us to properly take care of each element of the supply chain. We provide comprehensive logistic solutions in the one-stop-shop formula, starting from organizing sea freight, through port handling services, to the final delivery to the customer, regardless of the type of cargo and means of transport.

The following operating segments are distinguished in the OTL Group:

  • transshipment handling
  • warehousing, storage, packaging and forwarding services


  • provision of comprehensive logistic services in the door-to-door system
  • organization of transport: rail, road and sea through all Polish seaports.

Freight forwarding supports other segments of the OTL Group by organizing transport with the use of port terminals owned by the OTL Group.


  • provision of comprehensive rail transport services in the form of sidings handling, manoeuvres and transport by the Baltic Railway company.


  • activities related to inland waterway transportation, transportation support services for hydro projects,
  • lease and rental services of vessels, etc.

The segment also includes real estate rental activities and other ancillary activities.


The goal of the OTL Group is to offer comprehensive logistic solutions in the one-stop-shop formula, in which the operator has the ability to handle any type of cargo, from organizing sea freight, through port handling services, to final delivery to the customer. Effective strengthening of the position of the OTL Group depends on continuous improvement of the offer and increasing the range and scale of operations. Unlike in the case of other logistics operators, the strength of the OTL Group is having its own port assets.

The most important sales markets of the OTL Group as part of its activities in the TSL industry (transport, forwarding, logistics) are the following sectors of the economy:

  • energy and mining industry (coal, biomass);
  • metallurgy and shipbuilding (steel products, iron ore, coke, scrap);
  • construction (sand, aggregates, clinker, cement);
  • chemical industry (fertilizers);
  • agricultural processing (cereals and feed components);
  • paper industry (paper);
  • transport and reloading of containers;
  • transport of large-size products (special projects, steel structures, generators, etc.).

Coal, iron ore, coke, aggregates and agricultural products are the dominant types of cargo in domestic and foreign transport. Products of the chemical and paper industry are mainly related to foreign markets. The specialization of the OTL Group companies in the logistics and forwarding services market is based mainly on the forwarding of bulk goods (iron ore, coal, agro bulk products, biomass).